Plastic Machining: Distortion Free Custom Plastic Manifolds

Engineered Plastic Products specializes in plastic machined components used in fluid applications

One specific capability that EPP provides in regards to the movement of fluid is our manufacturing of custom plastic manifolds. When compared to metal, plastic manifolds are lighter and more compact, easier to inspect, and provide more complex fluid paths.

Manifolds often go through a bonding process that may lead to distortion and lead to looser tolerances.

EPP has the solution-
We manufacture bonded manifolds that eliminate distortion and hold tighter tolerances by using a process called Low-Temp Interfusion Bonding

What Is Low-Temp Interfusion Bonding?

Low-Temp Interfusion Bonding is a proprietary technique that produces superior bonding joints. Other plastic manufacturers simply use diffusion bonding or cement type gluing that leaves machine marks within the fluid channels. Diffusion boding creates heat, often distorting the internal features. The Low-Temp Interfusion Bonding technique eliminates any distortion, allowing us to hold much tighter tolerances. This process also creates fully polished channels without the cement marks that can impede the overall fluonics.

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