Plastic Machining: Selecting a Plastic Machining Vendor- Looking for the Best

Selection of a truly qualified plastic machining vendor is extremely important in today’s business environment. The time it takes to ask the right questions will pay big dividends – helping you obtain high quality machined plastic parts. And even though the rules for service and quality seem to be continually evolving, getting the best part at the lowest possible price is still the golden rule of purchasing.

If you’re looking for a plastic machining supplier, don’t settle for anything less than the best. Request a Quote from EPP Corporation today.

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Plastic Machining: Selecting a Vendor Looking at Quality & Price

Quality, of course, is directly related to price. Make sure the vendors you interview can provide the highest quality part at the lowest price. Plastic machining vendors can keep errors to a minimum if they are highly process driven, are ISO Certified, use documented SPC procedures, and own the proper inspection equipment such as CMM or video inspection systems. The plastic machining vendor with the fewest errors will produce the highest quality and at the lowest cost.

Make sure the supplier is familiar with each machining process you need for your application, as well as with the specific plastic material you will be using. Experience, more than anything else, will help make sure a supplier offers you the most cost-effective part with the best quality.

If you’d like to see how a process driven, high quality machining vendor compares to your current supplier, Request a Quote from EPP Corporation.

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Plastic Machining: Selecting a Plastic Machining Vendor- Equipment

Ask about the type of equipment the potential plastic machining vendor uses. The well-equipped plastic machining vendor will look pretty much like a metal machining shop, but the true plastic machining specialist will have equipment that has been adjusted or re-built expressly for machining plastic material. The right equipment will machine plastic using the correct speeds, feeds and tooling, and won’t pose the threat of contamination faced when metal-machining equipment is utilized. The right equipment will also insure higher quality plastic machined parts with better finishes and less chance of chips, burrs and other imperfections.

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Plastic Machining: Selecting a Plastic Machining Vendor- Purchasing Practices

Just as a metal machine shop is unlikely to have the material knowledge you need, neither are they going to be able to purchase plastics in large enough quantities to provide you with the best price.

Likewise, find out if the plastic machining vendor candidates you are considering can purchase materials directly from material manufacturer. If they rely on plastic distributors for materials, make sure their vendors are up on the latest material technology. Plastic technology is constantly changing with new materials introduced all the time.

One of your goals should be to make sure that your plastic machining firm’s materials purchasing practices are as good as yours.

To find out more about EPP Corporation’s purchasing practices, contact us today!

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Plastic Machining:Eliminate High Administrative Costs Through Supply Chain Management

A plastic machining vendor with a proven supply chain system can save company the time and money associated with the constant placing of reoccurring orders. Certain plastic machined parts will be required on a repetitive basis, and why not focus on innovation instead?

The typical practice in ordering plastic machined parts is as follows:

The first cost associated with this practice is the cost of soliciting the quote and the analysis of the information. The admin time to issue the quote, phone, fax or email the plastic machined part request and collect the numbers can range from $15-50 per part depending on the company’s overhead which can result in a total cost of $45-150 to solicit three bids. The cost is multiplied by the number of times per year, which can be 2-3 times. That is $135-450 annual cost per part before an order is placed.

Instead when all reoccurring plastic machined component orders are placed at once using EPP’s proven supply chain management system, these additional costs are not necessary.  Place an order once per year on reoccurring plastic machined part needs, and save the time, as of course time is money.  Base your orders on previous historical custom plastic machined part usage, and if increases or decreases to plastic machined component needs do occur, give us at least 90 days in order to adjust the quantities to meet your changed quantity requirements.

In order to drive business, the focus needs to be on new product development, and going to market fast with the new products.  The focus can then be shifted to ordering plastic prototypes of components for new projects.  As time is of the essence in beating the competition, EPP offers its solution for fast plastic prototypes.  Have plastic prototypes machined in, and delivered in under a week.

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Plastic Machining: Plastic Prototypes

EPP Corporation is pleased to announce short-run, quick-turn Custom Plastic Prototypes with delivery in one week or less.  Let EPP assist you in new product development through our fast turnaround on fully functional plastic prototypes.

· Plastic prototypes in one week or less

· Fully Functional

· Plastic prototypes with the highest quality on tolerances up to +/- .001″

· Both simple & complex 3D parts are welcome

· Free application engineering available

Let the plastic machining specialists at EPP Corporation be your source for all plastic prototypes.  Fast plastic prototypes in one week or less

Plastic Machining: How To Save On Plastic Machined Parts-Eliminate Inspection Costs Through Supply Chain Management

Can a Plastic Machining Specialist eliminate the need for expensive plastic machined parts inspection processes?

Yes, a plastic machining expert with a proven supply chain management system eliminates the need to inspect incoming plastic machined components.  The incoming plastic machining parts inspection process of course incurs additional costs.  The inspection department ordinarily inspects each shipment received however, that is where a proven supply chain management from an ISO certified plastic machining expert comes in.  With a traditional plastic machining purchase method, inspectors are needed.  Quality inspectors are well-paid professionals and each inspection can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours depending on the complexity of the plastic machined part.  Assuming that a normal plastic machined part takes about an hour, an average cost could run $80-100 per part.  Add to that cost the time the plastic machined components are in inventory waiting to be inspected, resulting in the plastic machined components incurring inventory costs by sitting on the shelves, since the wait can be a day to over a week.  That represents additional working capital wasted.  A proven supply chain management and ISO Certification can eliminate these additional costs on plastic machining orders.

At EPP Corporation, all plastic machined parts are manufactured with strict quality standards guided by ISO procedures, SPC, and customer inspection protocol to ensure all critical dimensions are addressed.  Along with the promise of dock to stock quality, the customer has the choice of receiving first article inspection reports, sample inspection reports, and certificates of material compliance for every release. This eliminates cost of incoming inspection by the customer.  By eliminating inspection costs on plastic machining orders substantial savings will be achieved throughout initial and repeat plastic machined component orders.

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Plastic Machining: How To Save On Plastic Machined Parts-Lowering Unit Cost Through Supply Chain Management

Can A Plastic Machining Specialist Reduce Unit Cost on Plastic Machined Components?

Yes, a plastic machining expert can provide significant cost savings on plastic machined components by reducing unit cost.  However, the plastic machining expert must utilize a proven supply chain management system.  Utilizing a proven system allows for the plastic machining expert to provide significant savings that purchasing from a plastic machining vendor with a traditional purchasing method could not.  Here is how savings can be achieved per unit on plastic machined components:

Most plastic machining vendors evaluating a request for quote are unsure how the order will be placed.  The plastic machining vendor upon purchase order inquiry if faced with uncertainty from its customers.  The plastic machining vendor wonders if the order will be a one-time order, whether it will be the only order for this plastic machined part this year, when the order will be placed, and what the schedule will be.   If the plastic machining vendor needs raw material to produce the part, the material needs on the quote are based on the quoted quantity only and, because of the uncertainty, will represent a higher cost.  Uncertainty and low volume can add 15-20% or more in the unit cost.  EPP evaluates all the plastic machined parts needs together as one requirement.  Material needs are combined and submitted to the material vendor.  The material vendor is advised that the material will be released as needed and is expected to hold the price for one year.  In the end, materials saving can exceed 20%.  The proven supply chain management system from EPP provides savings to both fixed and variable costs, providing plastic machining customers with significant savings across the board on plastic machined parts.

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Plastic Machining: Controlling Plastic Machining Inventory-Supply Chain Management As A Cost Cutting Solution

Does Supply Chain Management Substantially Cut Inventory Costs?

Yes, one substantial benefit of selecting a plastic machining vendor that utilizes a proven Supply Chain Management system for plastic machining component purchases is the reduction on your stock inventory, of course resulting in lower inventory costs. The conventional plastic machining purchasing method is to purchase additional plastic machined components inventory. Most companies purchase 3-6 months supply per order. This plastic machined parts inventory sits on the shelf waiting to be assembled into a billable sale. Not only does component inventory take up unnecessary space on shelves, it also takes away from the bottom line. Depending on the cost of money (interest), this inventory can cost ½% / month to 1% per month and can translate to several hundred to many thousands of dollars (or millions) of cost that is sitting on the shelf. That is a waste of working capital and profit. The actual figure over any given time is accumulated by the product of (interest%) X (component cost) X (inventory days). The longer the excess inventory sits, the more the losses compound.

Not all supply chain management systems are all created equal. A plastic machining vendor that has a proven system has the capability of providing substantial savings throughout the plastic machined parts purchase process. EPP Corporation has a proven supply chain management system to save customer substantial money on plastic machined parts purchases.

For more detailed information on how EPP Corporation’s proven supply chain management system provides substantial savings on plastic machined components, read the How To Save On Plastic Machined Parts blog.

Plastic Machining: Plastic Machining Expert-Benefits a Real Expert Should Provide

Is it important to have my plastic machined components manufactured by a plastic machining specialist? How do I know if my vendor is an expert?

YES-Selecting the right vendor is crucial, especially when selecting a plastic machining vendor.  Select an expert for the best results.  To be a true plastic machining expert, a vendor must provide the following necessary benefits:

1- Highest Quality
2- Competitive Cost
3- Fast, On-Time Delivery
4- Exceptional Customer Service

The highest quality can only be obtained from plastic machining experts. Don’t risk contamination, and a trial-and-error material selection process. Plastic machined components can be rendered useless due to contamination, and due to a failure to meet specifications and requirements. Additionally, the right vendor is an ISO Certified vendor. An ISO Certified plastic machining vendor will be able to guarantee predictable high-precision. Avoid the unnecessary cost and hassle of replacing faulty components by initially contacting a plastic machining expert.

Plastic machining experts will be able to provide competitive cost by having the appropriate processes, materials, and equipment in place. Specifically an ISO Certified plastic machining expert has processes streamlined in order to reduce idle time and eliminate waste, saving the manufacturer money. The production and overhead cost savings will lead to lower costs to the vendor’s customers.

A plastic machining expert provides faster delivery than a non-expert, as production times are shorter due to having the right equipment, processes, and materials. An ISO Certified vendor is able to reduce production time due to refined supply chain management, allowing for the assurance of fast, on-time delivery.

A plastic machining expert has all the knowledge essential in order to produce the highest precision plastic machined components. Exceptional customer service should go hand in hand with that knowledge and expertise. A plastic machining expert should provide assistance to a customer every step of the way, throughout both the engineering and purchasing processes.

When selecting a plastic machining vendor, choose an expert. In order for a vendor to be a real plastic machining expert, it needs to provide the necessary benefits: highest quality, competitive cost, fast, on-time delivery, and exceptional customer service, EPP Corporation offers the above benefits to all customers.

Plastic Machining: Plastic Machining Expert and EPP Corporation CEO Alex Curtiss Interviewed by Dustin Mattison

Plastic Machining expert, EPP Corporation President and CEO Alex Curtiss was interviewed by Dustin Mattison from the Kinaxis Supply Chain Expert Community on July 26, 2011. Play the video below to hear Mr. Curtiss and Mr. Mattison discuss the subject of how U.S. manufacturers remain competitive compared to Asian sourcing.

Here’s a small excerpt from Mr Curtiss’ interview:

“The key is a combination of commitment and flexibility. EPP has found that a lot of customers come back to them. EPP is ISO Certified and they guarantee 100% quality. When the material goes in, it goes right to the line, most of their customers don’t even check their parts. If they want anything at all EPP sends a written quality report with it, but most customers don’t request this.”

EPP Corporation would like to extend its thanks to Mr. Mattison

For more on Alex Curtiss’ interview visit the page on Dustin Mattison’s blog

For more on why to select a domestic plastic machining vendor visit EPP’s Stay Domestic Blog


Plastic Machining: Selecting The Right Plastic Machining Vendor For Your Custom Plastic Machined Parts

Not all plastic machining vendors are equipped to offer all parts. Other plastic machining companies may not be able to give you the best prices. The following guidelines can help you locate a fully-qualified, cost effective plastic machinining specialist for all your plastic machined component needs:

  1. Material Knowledge
  2. Purchasing Practices
  3. Equipment
  4. Quality and Price
  5. Looking For the Best

Be sure to ask potential plastic machined parts vendors how they comply with these guidelines.

If you have a need for plastic machined components, request a quote!

Plastic Machining: Selecting The Right Plastic Machining Vendor For Your Custom Plastic Machined Parts

Not all plastic machining vendors are equipped to offer all parts. Others may not be able to give you the best prices. The following guidelines can help you locate a fully-qualified, cost effective plastic machining specialist for all your plastic machined components:

  1. Material Knowledge
  2. Purchasing Practices
  3. Equipment
  4. Quality and Price
  5. Looking For the Best

Be sure to ask potential plastic machined parts vendors how they comply with these guidelines.

If you have a need for plastic machined components, request a quote!

Plastic Machining: Using a Metal Machining Company to Produce Plastic Machined Parts: The Risks

Engineers and buyers often reach out to metal machining companies to produce plastic machined parts, thinking, “They use the same manufacturing processes, don’t they? Does it really matter?”

It does matter. If you’ve wondered whether you should have a metal machinist produce your plastic machined parts, The Short Answer Is – No, You Should Not

Here’s why:

Cutting fluids for each material are crucial: Equipment used to machine metal – even if only used for metal occasionally – can contaminate parts with oil-based cutting fluids. Many plastics are also very sensitive to petroleum based cutting fluids and will degrade if they come into contact with these fluids. Additionally, many plastics are hydroscopic and will absorb the cutting oils. If the parts are being manufactured for FDA-approved uses or medical applications, they will not meet standards.

Metal fragments contaminate plastic parts: It is difficult to adequately clean a machine that has been working on metals, especially if it has been working on stainless steel. This can lead to another contamination problem. If the plastic material is soft, residual metal fragments can become embedded in the plastic machined parts.

Metal shops are experts in metal, not plastic: Metal machining companies rarely have any in-depth knowledge of plastic materials, or more specifically, which material to use in an application. Plastic machinining specialists know what plastics are best for any function, and can produce the plastic part you need without the “trial-and-error” processes a metal machinist would use. A good plastic machining firm will have the material knowledge and the right machining processes to consistently give you the highest quality plastic machined parts.

If you’ve got custom plastic machined components, EPP Corporation can help.

Plastic Machining: Selecting a Plastic Machining Vendor- Material Knowledge

Quiz potential vendors on their knowledge of various materials and applications. Ask them to share the information they have from their material manufacturers. Do they have any property charts or plastic material handbooks to give you? Specialists in plastic machining should have a wealth of up-to-date information.

Material knowledge is a critical area. Good plastic machining firms must be willing to educate you before you finalize your choices, and help you find the best material for your application.

If you need assistance selecting a plastic material for your current project, EPP Corporation is happy to help! Contact us today!

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