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Quality Standards For Machining Plastic Parts

For over 40 years EPP’s focus on quality has been the driving force throughout the company. It is paramount through every step of the plastic part machining process. We are ISO Certified to ensure consistent processes.  Our quality policy is to meet or exceed our customer’s requirements through cutting edge technology, experience and processes while constantly improving our quality management system. Our CNC machines have never touched any material besides plastic in an effort to maintain contaminant free high quality precision plastic parts.

We have strict protocols on how and when we check the parts throughout the machining process and have a dedicated quality department to oversee that each part is exactly to the customer’s standards.

We pride ourselves in our expertise of the machining process. Because we have a high level of communication between our engineers, quality department and our customers we produce consistently precise custom plastic components.

We are proud of our quality procedures and encourage you to arrange a quality audit to ensure your satisfaction with our processes. Contact Us for more information or Request A Quote to learn more on how EPP’s Quality will ensure the best possible parts for your application.