plastic parts

Below is a list of the most popular plastic machining materials that we machine:

Acrylic is a plastic material that is clear, free of color, with a transparent surface.  Acrylic is clearer than glass, is stiff, and easily machinable.  When compared to glass, Acrylic offers greater clarity and strength with half the weight.Read More About Acrylic

Nylon is an excellent material in regards to wear and abrasion resistance.  Nylon is a material that is easily machinable, low cost and lightweight, and given its wear resistance is often used to replace metal and rubber among other materials. Nylon is also an FDA- and USDA-compliant material.Read More About Nylon

Polycarbonate is a very durable, high performance plastic material.  Polycarbonate can easily be machined, material with high heat resistance, and is typically a great material for optics due to its capability of emitting light.  Polycarbonate is a heavy duty clear material with over 25 times more impact strength than Acrylic.Read More About Polycarbonate

Polysulfone shapes remain stable resisting creep and deformation under continuous load and elevated temperatures. They have high tensile strength and as temperatures increase, flexural modulus remain high. These products will handle exposure to soap, detergent solutions and some hydrocarbon oils, even at elevated temperatures under moderate stress levels. Polysulfone is an FDA, USDA and 3-A Dairy compliant material.Read More About Polysulfone

Torlon is a plastic material that can withstand the highest of temperatures.  Torlon also offers exceptional strength, toughness and stiffness.  Exceptional durability and impact resistance are also features offered by Torlon.Read More About Torlon

For a complete list of the materials we can machine, visit our materials page.