Acrylic Plastic Machined Components From Plastic Machining Specialist EPP

Engineered Plastic Products offers a full range of plastic materials. One of the many plastic materials we offer at EPP is Acrylic.

Acrylic is a plastic material that is clear, free of color, with a transparent surface.  Acrylic is clearer than glass, is stiff, and easily machinable.  When compared to glass, Acrylic offers greater clarity and strength with half the weight.

Acrylic’s strengths as a plastic machining material include:

  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Clarity/ Excellent light transmission
  • Easily machinable
  • Distortion free
  • Impact and shatter resistance

Acrylic’s key industry uses:

For a Full List of Acrylic’s Properties, as well as a full list of Plastic Materials, DOWNLOAD OUR PLASTIC PROPERTIES HANDBOOK

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