Description & Properties of PEEK

PEEK is an exceptionally performing material for tough environments such as high temperatures, wet processes, and heavy loads.   PEEK fuses wear, chemical, and moisture resistance with material strength and stiffness.  PEEK is an FDA, USDA, and 3-A Dairy compliant plastic material.

  • PEEK (30% CF) – This carbon filled PEEK product qualities include high compression strength, stiffness and low expansion rate
  • PEEK (30% GF) – A glass filled PEEK product provides strength, stiffness and stability at higher temperatures such as 300° F. Usually available in a brown color
  • PEEK (BEARING) This grade of PEEK is carbon fiber reinforced with graphite and PTFE lubricants. Of the different grade has the lowest coefficient of friction
  • PEEK (UNFILLED) This grade of PEEK is a general purpose unfilled type of PEEK. Unfilled PEEK complies with FDA regulations for food contact and is available in a natural or black color.

Common Plastic Parts Made From PEEK

  • PEEK (30% CF) – Roller and wheels, blocks
  • PEEK (30% GF) – Bushings, rings, seals
  • PEEK (BEARING) – as the name suggests, this material makes superior bearings
  • PEEK (UNFILLED) – Suitable for any FDA food equipment parts, instrument components, seals

Featured Industries That Utilize PEEK