Description & Properties of NYLON

Nylon is an excellent material in regards to wear and abrasion resistance.  Nylon is a material that is easily machinable, low cost and lightweight, and given its wear resistance is often used to replace metal and rubber among other materialsNylon colors include; Natural, black, blue, grey, red, brown, green, yellow.

  • NYLON (30% GF) – Nylon 6 reinforced with 30% glass fibre and graphite. The glass addition makes the material resistant to abrasion, compression and flex. This grade is not suitable for contact with food.
  • NYLON 6 (CAST)- One of the most widely used and versatile thermoplastic resins. Because of nylon’s strength, toughness and lubricity it offers mechanical engineers many options when designing components. It is cost-effective to machine. This material features very high impact resistance.
  • NYLON 6/6 (EXTRUDED) – Semi-crystalline engineering thermoplastic with a wide range of uses. Has a higher mechanical strength, stiffness and toughness than Nylon 6. It is resistant to many oils and greases, is very abrasion resistant.

Common Plastic Parts Made From NYLON

  • NYLON (30% GF) – Excellent material for gears and mechanical parts where wear resistance is an issue
  • NYLON 6 (CAST) – Gears, bushings, bearings, supports, housings, feed screws, custom parts
  • NYLON 6/6 (EXTRUDED) – Supports and guide wheels, pulleys, gears, bushings, pads

Featured Industries That Utilize NYLON