Description & Properties of MC901 NYLON 6 (CAST)

MC901 NYLON 6 (CAST) is a heat stabilized nylon. It is unique as it is blue in color and has long-term thermal stability to 260° F

  • This type of nylon is available in a large selection of sizes to allow for the most design options
  • Has good mechanical and electrical properties
  • Good strength
  • High impact resistance
  • Resistance to brittleness and deterioration
  • Excellent vibration resistance
  • Nylons can absorb up to 7% water under high humidity or submerged in water can result in up to a 2% dimensional change

Common Plastic Parts Made From MC901 NYLON 6 (CAST)

  • Wheels
  • Gears
  • Custom machined parts
  • Bushings and Bearings
  • Wear pads, rails and strips
  • Pulleys and sheaves
  • Feed screws
  • Star wheels

Featured Industries That Utilize MC901 NYLON 6 (CAST)