Description & Properties of KETRON HPV (BG PEEK)

KETRON HPV (BG PEEK) is a versatile unfilled type of PEEK. It is available in both sheet and rod to give the most design applications. To further this material’s ease to design, it is available in natural, light brown or tan. It is also available in a sleek black for when aesthetics is important to the parts.

  • Ideas for instrumentation parts
  • Good where ductility and inertness is important
  • All unfilled PEEK grades comply with FDA regulations for food contact
  • Resistant to harsh chemicals
  • Minimal smoke and toxic gas emissions

Common Plastic Parts Made From KETRON HPV (BG PEEK)

  • Centrifugal mining pumps
  • Chemical pump housings
  • HPLC components
  • Semi conductor components

Featured Industries That Utilize KETRON HPV (BG PEEK)