Description & Properties of HYDEX 4101 PBT-P

HYDEX 4101 PBT-P is a versatile plastic to machine. It offers excellent mechanical properties with good chemical resistance. HYDEX 4101 PBT-P is available in a FDA approved white color and also a non-FDA approved blacl color

  • Resistant to chemicals, chlorine, water and steam

HYDEX 4101L PBT-P offers an internally lubricated version designed for higher wear resistance, PV range and lower coefficinet of friction applications

  • Also FDA, USDA and 3A Dairy compliant

Hydex is a good replacement for replacement parts from brass, aluminum, steel or acetal (delrin)

Common Plastic Parts Made From HYDEX 4101 PBT-P

  • Great material for food processing parts
  • Food piston pumps
  • Valves and valve bodies
  • Feeder Blocks
  • Manifolds
  • Timing Screws
  • Cam
  • Bushings & Bearings
  • Conveyor parts

Featured Industries That Utilize HYDEX 4101 PBT-P