Plastic Machining: Get Parts Fast With EPP’s Expanded Capacity

Need plastic machined components fast?- EPP has the solution

Often times projects that require plastic machined parts can be given the green light at the last minute.  A time crunch does not need to put you in a bind.  Increased efficiency levels have led to EPP’s expanded capacity. Delivery times are as low as 2 weeks for customers in need of fast turnaround times.

Efficiency levels at EPP have always been high however, we are always active in further improving. Over the past 3 years, a combination of both research and thorough analysis of our current production processes has led to changes resulting in further increases in productivity.

If you need a fast turnaround don’t hesitate to take advantage of our expanded capacity. As America’s Premier Plastic Machining Supplier, we guarantee on-time delivery, and provide you with 100% quality dock-to-stock.

Plastic Machining: EPP Featured in Aerospace Manufacturing and Design Magazine

Engineered Plastic Products is currently featured in Aerospace Manufacturing and Design Magazine.  EPP Corporation CEO Alex Curtiss discusses how to achieve significant savings on plastic machining requirements specifically to the aerospace industry.  EPP utilizes a proven supply chain management system that has been in place at the company over the past 15 years.  EPP Corporation’s customers have reaped the benefits of such savings on plastic machined components, throughout various industries we serve.

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Plastic Machining: Avoid 2015 Material Cost Increases, Order Now

Avoid price increases for production orders by placing 2015 orders now!!

Information we have obtained suggests that plastic material costs will increase in 2015.

In plastic machining, the ultimate cost of an order is dependent on two primary factors: material cost and total machining time. EPP strives to contain manufacturing costs through ongoing efficiencies however, containing material costs proves more difficult.

Since 2009, we have witnessed substantial price increases from plastic material vendors of over 30%, with Teflon and Polycarbonate as key examples of high price volatility.

Given EPP’s manufacturing efficiencies, the other means of minimizing an order’s cost is to obtain material at a lower cost.

The solution to lower the cost of your 2015 production orders is placing 2015 orders now!!

Plastic Machining: Selecting a Plastic Machining Vendor- Looking for the Best

Selection of a truly qualified plastic machining vendor is extremely important in today’s business environment. The time it takes to ask the right questions will pay big dividends – helping you obtain high quality machined plastic parts. And even though the rules for service and quality seem to be continually evolving, getting the best part at the lowest possible price is still the golden rule of purchasing.

If you’re looking for a plastic machining supplier, don’t settle for anything less than the best. Request a Quote from EPP Corporation today.

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Plastic Machining: Selecting a Vendor Looking at Quality & Price

Quality, of course, is directly related to price. Make sure the vendors you interview can provide the highest quality part at the lowest price. Plastic machining vendors can keep errors to a minimum if they are highly process driven, are ISO Certified, use documented SPC procedures, and own the proper inspection equipment such as CMM or video inspection systems. The plastic machining vendor with the fewest errors will produce the highest quality and at the lowest cost.

Make sure the supplier is familiar with each machining process you need for your application, as well as with the specific plastic material you will be using. Experience, more than anything else, will help make sure a supplier offers you the most cost-effective part with the best quality.

If you’d like to see how a process driven, high quality machining vendor compares to your current supplier, Request a Quote from EPP Corporation.

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Plastic Machining: Selecting a Plastic Machining Vendor- Equipment

Ask about the type of equipment the potential plastic machining vendor uses. The well-equipped plastic machining vendor will look pretty much like a metal machining shop, but the true plastic machining specialist will have equipment that has been adjusted or re-built expressly for machining plastic material. The right equipment will machine plastic using the correct speeds, feeds and tooling, and won’t pose the threat of contamination faced when metal-machining equipment is utilized. The right equipment will also insure higher quality plastic machined parts with better finishes and less chance of chips, burrs and other imperfections.

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Plastic Machining: Selecting a Plastic Machining Vendor- Purchasing Practices

Just as a metal machine shop is unlikely to have the material knowledge you need, neither are they going to be able to purchase plastics in large enough quantities to provide you with the best price.

Likewise, find out if the plastic machining vendor candidates you are considering can purchase materials directly from material manufacturer. If they rely on plastic distributors for materials, make sure their vendors are up on the latest material technology. Plastic technology is constantly changing with new materials introduced all the time.

One of your goals should be to make sure that your plastic machining firm’s materials purchasing practices are as good as yours.

To find out more about EPP Corporation’s purchasing practices, contact us today!

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Plastic Machining:Design Considerations For Plastic Prototypes

What design considerations are necessary when purchasing plastic prototypes with full function?

In order to get to market fast, plastic prototypes should be fully functional. Plastic prototypes with full function of course offer the same tight tolerances and high precision as do plastic machined components, as they are one in the same. Simply fast, fully functional plastic prototypes are made in order to meet stricter deadlines, and are often ordered in smaller quantities. When ordering plastic machined prototypes, the considerations are the same as when ordering production plastic machined parts. The design specifications for production plastic machining and fast plastic prototypes are as follows:

Design Considerations For Plastic Prototypes and Plastic Machining

-Thermosensitivity – tolerance can change in different temperature conditions
-Sensitivity to humidity and hygroscopic absorption affects tolerance
-Sensitivity to chemicals and oils
-Notch sensitive corners and square ID’s
-High loads
-High impact
-Fatigue loading or cycle loading requires consideration of flexing, deflecting, and compression
-Temperature – max/min extent of time
-Electrical considerations such as insulating properties
-Wear resistance or abrasion resistance
-Dimensional shape retention (load, cold flow, temperature)
-Regulatory requirements (FDA, UL, etc.)
-Appearance (color, texture)
-Optical requirements
-Outdoor use

Now that you’ve identified the important factors in your application, evaluate material specs in the Free Plastic Properties Handbook and select your material!

Plastic Machining:Plastic Prototypes Vendors, How To Select The Best

Guidelines For Selecting The Perfect Plastic Machining Vendor For Custom Prototypes

When selecting the right vendor for plastic prototypes, the process is similar to selecting the right plastic machining production vendor.  However, a greater emphasis on speed while maintaining the same quality of a production plastic machined component.  Of course, a great advantage is present for companies that get innovations to market fastest.  The goals of new product development are to create a revolutionary product, improve upon an existing product, or often to stay ahead of the competition.  Receiving FULLY FUNCTIONAL plastic prototypes fast will allow a company to reach and exceed those goals.

The following guidelines can help you locate a fully-qualified, cost effective plastic machining vendor for all your plastic machined components:

  1. Material Knowledge
  2. Purchasing Practices
  3. Equipment
  4. Quality and Price
  5. Looking For the Best

Focusing on plastic prototypes, here are the guidelines to follow to select the best plastic machining vendor for the job:

  1. Plastic prototypes produced and delivered in under a week
  2. Plastic prototypes are fully functional
  3. Highest quality for the tightest tolerances  (up to +/- .001″)
  4. Vendor capable of simple and complex designs
  5. Free application engineering

Not all plastic machining vendors are created equal, and capabilities may very depending on vendor.  Few plastic machining vendors are capable of turning around FULLY FUNCTIONAL plastic prototypes in under a week.  Plastic machining vendors should also provide contaminant free plastic machined components and plastic prototypes.  Speed, the highest quality, and full functionality are key in plastic prototyping for new products.  R&D budgets may have taken months to be approved, don’t delay production.

Contaminant free plastic prototypes is under a week, produced on plastic only equipment.  FULLY FUNCTIONAL from plastic machining experts EPP Corporation.  The ISO Certified experts in plastic machining to the critical instrumentation, medical, aerospace, fluid power, and medical industries at EPP are here for your plastic machining and fast plastic prototype needs.

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Plastic Machining:Selecting The Right Plastic Material-Thermal Expansion

Not all plastic materials are suitable for every application. Properties such as temperature, water absorption, and wear resistance must be evaluated, in order to select the perfect material for a the specific part’s application.

When selecting the proper material for any specific plastic application, the choice should be made with an emphasis on the most crucial properties for the part’s specific use. Thermal expansion is often a critical property that must be considered.

Thermal Expansion refers to a material’s ability to expand do to changes in it’s environment’s temperature. Specifically in applications in which a component is to experience varying temperatures, it is crucial to analyze the plastic material’s coefficient of thermal expansion.

If your parts require minimal thermal expansion, the following materials should be considered as possible solutions:

In order to select the correct material, download the Plastic Properties Handbook
Materials are compared to one another among a wide range of design considerations, leading to a very efficient selection process.

Materials vary vastly and selecting the right one for your application is crucial to a plastic machined part’s success.

Plastic Machining: Fast Plastic Prototypes or Production Plastic Machining-The Guidelines

When in need of plastic machined components, how should one decide whether place a fast plastic prototypes or production plastic machining order?

In order to make a decision, lets discuss the two different ordering methods from EPP Corporation.

Plastic Prototypes
Typically the greatest advantage of utilizing our plastic prototypes capability is to receive your components fast. We are able to turn around fully functional plastic prototypes in one week or less.  Typically of course the need for a plastic prototype would be to have a test piece.  Rather than receiving a prototype that is simply created as an example to simply display a design, our plastic prototypes are fully functional.  Having plastic prototypes that are fully functional leads to even faster new product development.  You will receive your plastic prototypes fast and have them ready for use.  All plastic materials are available for prototypes, as of course is the case for our production plastic machining service.  Tolerances on our fast plastic prototypes are as tight as +/- .001″, and simple or complex 3D designs are welcomed.  Free material application engineering is also available for customers of our plastic prototypes.

Production Plastic Machining
At EPP Corporation we are experts in plastic machining.  All plastic machined components are produced on equipment that solely machines plastic components, eliminating any potential contamination that occurs when machining metal and plastic on the same equipment.  Our capabilities for our plastic machining production service are cnc milling, cnc lathe, screw machining, and custom plastic manifolds.  We guarantee 100% quality dock to stock, and utilize a proven, efficient and cost saving supply chain management system, as well as highly efficient six sigma production processes.  Orders are delivered 3 days early due to our efficient supply chain method.  We also provide customers with FREE design application assistance, and FREE material selection engineering on plastic machining orders.    We provide the highest quality, competitive costs,  fast delivery, and exceptional customer service.

Typically the plastic prototypes service is best for either ordering a prototype, or a small quantity component that is needed in a hurry.  Speed is of the essence with fast plastic prototyping with a turn around time of up to 1 week.  The plastic prototyping method is best in order to speed up new product development efforts.

On the other hand our plastic machining production service can be utilized for quantities large and small, and garners the full benefits of our proven supply chain management system.  With a typical turnaround time of 2-3 weeks, our plastic machining service will still ensure that plastic machined components are delivered to exceed customer deadlines.

Whether you need production plastic machining or plastic prototypes quickly, EPP Corporation is here for your custom plastic part needs.

plastic prototypes vs plastic machining

Plastic Machining:Eliminate High Administrative Costs Through Supply Chain Management

A plastic machining vendor with a proven supply chain system can save company the time and money associated with the constant placing of reoccurring orders. Certain plastic machined parts will be required on a repetitive basis, and why not focus on innovation instead?

The typical practice in ordering plastic machined parts is as follows:

The first cost associated with this practice is the cost of soliciting the quote and the analysis of the information. The admin time to issue the quote, phone, fax or email the plastic machined part request and collect the numbers can range from $15-50 per part depending on the company’s overhead which can result in a total cost of $45-150 to solicit three bids. The cost is multiplied by the number of times per year, which can be 2-3 times. That is $135-450 annual cost per part before an order is placed.

Instead when all reoccurring plastic machined component orders are placed at once using EPP’s proven supply chain management system, these additional costs are not necessary.  Place an order once per year on reoccurring plastic machined part needs, and save the time, as of course time is money.  Base your orders on previous historical custom plastic machined part usage, and if increases or decreases to plastic machined component needs do occur, give us at least 90 days in order to adjust the quantities to meet your changed quantity requirements.

In order to drive business, the focus needs to be on new product development, and going to market fast with the new products.  The focus can then be shifted to ordering plastic prototypes of components for new projects.  As time is of the essence in beating the competition, EPP offers its solution for fast plastic prototypes.  Have plastic prototypes machined in, and delivered in under a week.

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Plastic Machining:Fast Plastic Prototypes-Don’t Slow Down Innovation

As the summer is about to end, so do vacations.   Specifically in a down economy, innovation is key in order to compete both domestically and internationally.    Don’t let slow plastic prototypes halt your research and development plans any further.  Save time by ordering short-run, quick-turn plastic prototypes. Time is of the essence when it comes to new product development.  Beat your competition to the punch in order to come out ahead.  Plastic prototypes in under a week will save you time, and allow for designs to tested and perfected at a faster rate.  In order to assure the precision and the tightest tolerances, plastic prototypes should be machined in order to achieve the best results.  Being quicker to the punch in regards to innovation is a huge advantage in the market place.  Allow for fast innovation, fast plastic prototypes are the answer. Plastic machining expert EPP Corporation is pleased to be able to offer fast plastic prototyping as a valuable service for proactive companies craving innovation.  Don’t sit on the sidelines and allow for the competition to come out ahead.  America’s Premier Plastic Machining Supplier is here to help. EPP’s short-run, quick-turn plastic prototypes feature the tightest tolerances, can simple or complex, and of course free design application and material selection engineering assistance is provided. For more details about our fast plastic prototype capabilities, Click Here.

Plastic Machining:Plastic Prototypes In Under A Week-The Solution To Quickly Perfect Design

Quick plastic prototypes can save a company the trouble of having a flawed part being ordered.  When design changes are thought up, the risk of a piece not performing to specifications and requirements can come into play.  Factors hindering performance may have been overlooked, and if a plastic part is ordered in a large quantity prior to testing, a company may be stuck with a large expense.  A plastic machined component perfected according to design can be useless if a fault lies in the design.   What if a time crunch comes into play? What potential solution is there?

Fast plastic prototyping would be that solution.  If plastic machined prototypes can be obtained in under a week, any crisis can be averted.  Ordering fast plastic prototypes can potentially save a company from disaster, while meeting the strictest time constraints.  Obtaining a fast plastic prototype will allow research and development teams to verify that a design submitted to a plastic machining vendor will perform. The quicker a plastic machined prototype is received, the faster the design is tested, and ultimately the faster a new product can be manufactured and hit the market.  Don’t be uncertain, make sure new design changes are tested.

A plastic machining expert should be contacted for plastic machined prototypes, assuring that plastic prototypes precisely match design requirements.  A streamlined vendor with an efficient supply chain management system will be able to produce high precision plastic prototypes to meet the strictest of time constraints.

Plastic Prototypes

EPP Corporation has a proven supply chain system that guarantees the highest precision and efficiency.  For short-run, quick-turn custom plastic prototypes with delivery in one week or less contact EPP

· Plastic prototypes in one week or less
· Highest quality on tolerances up to +/- .001″
· Both simple & complex 3D parts are welcome
· Free application engineering available