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The Role of Machined Plastic Parts in Aerospace

Where would the aerospace industry be without plastics? Flight would be much more expensive, for one thing, and more limited for another. The combined properties of plastics make them uniquely suited to aerospace applications, which is why the use of plastic parts in aerospace design has quadrupled in the last 45 years.

EPP’s Alex Curtiss featured in MDT Magazine

To read the article on the MDT Magazine website, click here. View the full MDT magazine layout spread, here. Plastics Machining Experts Can Prevent Device Contamination & Failing Parts Thu, 03/10/2016 – 10:38am by Alex Curtiss, President and CEO, Engineered Plastic Products Corporation It is natural for a company that makes highly sensitive medical devices to […]

EPP’s Alex Curtiss featured in Sensors Magazine

Read the article on sensorsmag.com Why Using A Plastics Machining Specialist For Instrumentation Equipment Is The Best Choice January 29, 2016 By: Alex Curtiss, Engineered Plastic Products Corporation   Initial Gander At first glance, it’s hard to see why it’s best to choose a plastics specialist to make a machined plastic part in your instrumentation product, […]

EPP’s Alex Curtiss is featured in Product Design and Development Magazine

Read the article on www.pddnet.com Plastics Machining Specialists Can Get Your Part Right the First Time Wed, 01/13/2016 – 9:42am by Alex Curtiss, President & CEO, Engineered Plastic Products Corporation, @EPPCorp Many designers don’t realize there are  plastics machining specialists. That’s why they often turn to a metal machinist to make their plastic parts. But doing […]

Plastic Machining: Get Parts Fast With EPP’s Expanded Capacity

Need plastic machined components fast?- EPP has the solution Often times projects that require plastic machined parts can be given the green light at the last minute.  A time crunch does not need to put you in a bind.  Increased efficiency levels have led to EPP’s expanded capacity. Delivery times are as low as 2 […]

Plastic Machining: EPP Featured in Aerospace Manufacturing and Design Magazine

Engineered Plastic Products is currently featured in Aerospace Manufacturing and Design Magazine.  EPP Corporation CEO Alex Curtiss discusses how to achieve significant savings on plastic machining requirements specifically to the aerospace industry.  EPP utilizes a proven supply chain management system that has been in place at the company over the past 15 years.  EPP Corporation’s […]

Plastic Machining: Design Guide for Plastic Parts

How to use the Plastic Design Guide Refer to the Design Considerations at the bottom of this page. Consider whether each item on the checklist is a factor in the application or affects performance requirements for the component design. Select the categories that have the greatest affect on your application. Review the materials in the […]

Plastic Machining: Avoid 2015 Material Cost Increases, Order Now

Avoid price increases for production orders by placing 2015 orders now!! Information we have obtained suggests that plastic material costs will increase in 2015. In plastic machining, the ultimate cost of an order is dependent on two primary factors: material cost and total machining time. EPP strives to contain manufacturing costs through ongoing efficiencies however, containing […]

Plastic Machining: Selecting a Plastic Machining Vendor- Equipment

Ask about the type of equipment the potential plastic machining vendor uses. The well-equipped plastic machining vendor will look pretty much like a metal machining shop, but the true plastic machining specialist will have equipment that has been adjusted or re-built expressly for machining plastic material. The right equipment will machine plastic using the correct […]