Description & Properties of Acrylic

Acrylic is a plastic material that is clear, free of color, with a transparent surface.  Acrylic is clearer than glass, is stiff, and easily machinable.  When compared to glass, Acrylic offers greater clarity and strength with half the weight.

  • Excellent UV resistance / light transition
  • Clarity/ Excellent light transmission
  • Easily machinable
  • Distortion free
  • Impact and shatter resistance
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Good thermal satbility
  • Good insulation properties

Common Plastic Parts Made From Acrylic

  • Diffusers
  • Tubes
  • Cases
  • Enclosures
  • lids / covers
  • Handles
  • Buttons
  • Knobs
  • Manifolds
  • Lenses And Light Guides

Featured Industries That Utilize Acrylic